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What they’ve said about us

“I took a leap of faith and now I’m enjoying my career again. Getting paid my real value to the team. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it is amazing to know my bills will get paid and still have money left. Just working this last year, I can PROUDLY say I bought my first house! Money in savings AND not worrying how my son’s college will get paid for because I can do it. Money aside, I’ve been able to choose assignments at places I’ve always wanted to visit.”

“My life has changed we no longer live pay check to pay check. We were able to pay cash for my new jeep grand cherokee!”

“I’m a new traveler and I was overwhelmed with the decision to travel when I made it, but this group has completely changed my perspective on this life choice.”

A little bit about who we are...

We are a group of experienced healthcare hoppers determined to bring transparency and open communication to the travel healthcare sector. We've done and seen it all and are ready to share our knowledge and expertise with others.

...and why we are here

We understand the stress that can come from all the unknowns associated with becoming a traveler. Through our Facebook group, we hope to offer personalized and caring advice that can help you throughout your traveler journey. You never have to feel alone again when you become a Hopper.

Our Facebook group is about more than just slogans, it's a community of like-minded individuals who want to lift up and support one another. We are passionate about helping hoppers to successfully navigate all of their travel assignments from beginning to end. Our focus is to make sure hoppers have the best experience throughout their careers and ensure all their expectations are met.

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